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Dr. Ziv Feldman and Dr. Darren Leavitt both top rated foot and ankle specialists provide complete podiatric care to patients in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

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Feldman & Leavitt Foot and Ankle Specialists

Foot Doctor in Calgary that are premiere specialists in foot and ankle care.

We are dedicated to providing quality foot and ankle care to all ages of patients. We believe that prompt diagnosis, early intervention and prevention are essential for the care and treatment of your feet. We provide a full range of podiatric medical care including both conservative and surgical therapies in our Calgary clinic.


Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery is a surgical procedure to correct deformities and relieve pain caused by bunions. It is performed on the joint between your big toe and the second toe, known as the great toe.


Hammertoe Surgery

Hammertoe surgery involves removing this bony lump and reshaping the bones of your toes so that they are straight. It's an outpatient procedure that takes about an hour to perform.



Foot disorders are commonly caused by a deformity in the structure of your foot, but they can also be caused by wearing shoes that are too small or narrow.


Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (also referred to as PRP) is an exciting new technique available in Calgary to speed the healing and recuperation of injured, damaged or diseased tissues.


Achilles Tendon Surgery

Achilles tendon surgery is a type of surgery to fix a damaged Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon is a strong, fibrous cord in the lower leg. It connects the muscles of your calf to your heel.


Foot & Ankle Surgery

At Feldman & Leavitt Foot and Ankle Specialists conservative treatment is always a first option. If surgery is required, we thoroughly discuss all options available to resolve the problem.


Low Level Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy uses low levels of light and produce photochemical and photobiological interactions that can treat areas of the body that have been injured or damaged.


Laser For Fungal Nails

The Laser passes through the nail to kill fungus without damaging it or the surrounding skin. The new nail growth will now appear normal, as the fungus will no longer be present.



HyProCure is placed in the naturally occurring space between your bones to instantly realign and stabilize the hindfoot. HyProCure will not penetrate or be implanted into your bones.

Dr Ziv Feldman

Our Team Dr. Ziv Feldman

Dr. Feldman is an established doctor and one of the top-rated podiarist in Calgary and has served in the Calgary Health Region for over twenty years.

While he is recognized for his expertise in all aspects and conditions of the lower extremities, he specializes in corrective foot and ankle surgery.

Our Team Dr. Darren Leavitt

Dr. Darren Leavitt is a board certified foot doctor and surgeon specializing in the treatment of all aspects of foot and ankle disorders.

He is double board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and also the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry.

Dr Darren Leavitt

Patients Testimonial

Based on 42 Reviews
August 30, 2022

The staff are very friendly and helpful

I had a bunion surgery in August with Dr Feldman. He is a very professional, and knowledgeable doctor. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Thank you Dr Feldman.

October 13, 2022

The staff in his office are well trained

Dr. Feldman is Very professional, knowledgeable, personable, caring and exudes confidence. The staff in his office are well trained, helpful and appear to work well together. It's an extremely busy office!

Marya Fred
November 25, 2021

Love Dr.Leavitt he takes care of you and understand your pain.I had pain in my foot for 2 years and noboby was taking care of it.First visit already in therapy .This Doctor is Wow .Exceptional care .

October 26, 2022


Dr. Feldman spent years fixing my feet from issues caused by a bad pedicure. He had to remove a total of 4 bones. My last surgery was finally completed. It blows my mind that I will be able to run again, hike again, and just be able to stand and make dinner without severe pain! THANK YOU. The clinic staff are awesome and on the ball as well.

November 18, 2022

Best Friendliest Perfect Doctor

He is the best friendliest perfect doctor. I recommend him for everyone to use. I have been with him long time seven surgeries all good. He's the best.

August 17, 2022

I am so grateful for Dr Feldman.

I am so grateful for Dr Feldman. He has forever changed my life. He is a surgical wizard. Such an amazing doctor. Excellent bedside manner, professional, knowledgeable, and empathetic. Two surgeries in two months, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you for everything Dr Feldman. I appreciate you.