Ankle Stabilization Surgery in Calgary

Ankle Stabilization that does not respond to conservative treatment requires surgical care. Anatomic repair and nonanatomic repair are the two types of surgical procedures performed to treat ankle instability.

Ankle Stabilization Surgery

Ligament Stabilisation / Ankle Stabilization Surgery

A small incision is made directly over the torn ligaments of the lateral (outer) ankle. These 'stretched'/'torn' ligaments are reflected off the lower end of the fibula, and repaired with appropriate tension to restore function.

Loose fragments of bone may be removed at the same time. The peroneal tendons (tendons behind the fibula) are inspected for any inflammation or tears which are addressed through the same incision

ankle stabilization


Certain mechanical problems with your foot can make you more likely to develop an unstable ankle, such as:

  • Hindfoot varus
  • Plantar flexion of the first ray
  • Midfoot cavus (high arches)
  • General looseness of your ligaments‚ÄĒfor example, from a medical condition like Ehlers-Danlos


Treatment for ankle instability begins with a regimen of exercises intended to strengthen the muscles of the outer ankle, in an attempt to compensate for the loss of stability formerly provided by the ligament. While this treatment is helpful for many patients, it may be less successful in individuals whose muscles are already quite strong, such as dancers or other athletes.

If instability is primarily a problem when participating in specific recreational activities, it may be addressed by taping the ankle and/or with the use of a brace, either one that is worn in an athletic shoe, or one that laces around the ankle. However, if these measures are not adequate to restore stability and the patient continues to experience a feeling of instability during everyday activities, surgical repair of the injury may be advised.

As a general rule, Ankle Stabilization Surgery procedures are performed on an out-patient basis in an Alberta Health Services (AHS) approved Surgical Center or in a Hospital. Surgical procedural costs are covered by AHS or the patient may opt for private surgery to avoid a waiting time.  A visit to Feldman & Leavitt Foot And Ankle Specialists will CLEARLY define all available patient options.


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For more information on Ankle Stabilization Surgery,  book a surgical consultation with one of our board certified podiatric surgeons

For more information on Ankle Stabilization Surgery, book a surgical consultation with one of our board certified podiatric surgeons