The Foot-Knee Connection: How Foot Issues Can Contribute to Knee Pain

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Can Foot Problems Cause Knee Pain?

The majority of people believe that knee injuries are the cause of their discomfort. Have you recently felt any pain in your ankle and foot? The discomfort will then ultimately move up your leg and radiate from there.

This can be the case if your leg and knee are being affected by a foot or ankle issue. Although a patient might not believe it, there are occasionally connections between knee and foot discomfort.

Let’s look at some of the potential reasons why your foot pain can be affecting your knee and kneecap.

Some of the possible causes of your foot pain can radiate all the way to your knee and kneecap.

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Overpronation
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In both men and women, researchers discovered a connection between foot discomfort and bilateral and same-side knee pain. For instance, men with right foot discomfort were five to seven times more likely to have pain in their right knee or both knees than those without right foot pain.

The outcomes of the study could be explained by a theory that examines how people alter their postures and movements in response to discomfort. According to the study’s authors, this can lead to malalignment and other disorders, and the difficulty for doctors is to create a treatment plan that addresses these problems. According to the researchers, “the correlated and compensatory posture and movement theory may explain how multi-joint arthritis develops, along with other abnormalities and associated pains that can arise from overuse or trauma to one or more structures in the kinetic chain.”

What Causes Knee Pain?

The origins of knee pain might be abrupt or acute in nature. A ligament or cartilage tear sustained while playing sports is an example of an acute, abrupt injury. Other knee issues could be chronic and take a long time to manifest. The progressive onset of knee pain over many months or years due to biomechanical misalignment or arthritis is one form of chronic knee pain.

Podiatrists frequently treat chronic overuse injuries, in which the pain has been building up over several months or even years.

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